Daniel Kötter

Arbeit und Freizeit (2) – Fiesta y ensayo

Galerie-Performance und 2-Kanal-Film



Arbeit und Freizeit (2) – Fiesta y ensayo

2-channel-video, performance, installation


How does work look like? And how does artistic practice look like?
What does its look tell us about its goal, its cultural and social context?
What specifies an activity as artistic opposed to non-artistic activity?

The camera motor scans the surface of rehearsals, of manual labour, service and immobile-spiritual activities, procedures of (re-) production in Mexico City and Berlin.

"Arbeit und Freizeit (2) – Fiesta y ensayo" is a performative and modular installation work designed for a gallery space. Musicians, visual artists, viewers and collaborators share the same space, rehearsing a performance, performing a a rehearsal, producing practices and practicing products.

 17 july 2009, 7-11pm, Museo de la ciudad, Queretaro, MX
 22 july 2009, 8.30-11pm, mdf, Mexico City, MX


Daniel Kötter: Director
Daniel Kötter/Alina Rojas: Video
cast of the performance:
Javier Hinojosa: Instalación/Acción
Ignacio Baca-Lobera: Composición
Dario Bernal Villegas: Percusión
Willy Terrazas: Flauta
Ramón del Buey: Clarinete
Silvino Montes: Música



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