Daniel Kötter

Desert View

film and discursive project

***film in post-production***

Daniel Kötter / Constanze Fischbeck

Desert View

Desert View is a research, discourse and film project and part of the year-long project “Ortswechsel – Neue Perspektiven” by the Goethe-Institut Kairo. 

The project, initiated by the theatre and filmmakers Constanze Fischbeck and Daniel Kötter, will explore residential formats at the outskirts of Cairo. With the help of various partners, such as urbanists or sociologists from Cairo as well as GUC students, the artists will explore use of space and communication in the public sections of such a gated community in cooperation with the three-generation family Barakat from Bashtil, a quarter of Cairo that has spawned what is called ‘informal’ dwellings. 


During the four week duration of the project, Kötter/Fischbeck and the Barakat family will independently collect their own visual research material. The shared experience will be discussed in weekly discussion panels at the villa in Madinaty with interested parties from the public.