Daniel Kötter

Shared Living Room

a collective art event

29th oct 2011, 6-7pm 


Shared Living Room
a collective art event, initiated by Daniel Kötter
Emily Fitzpatrick, Francesco Gagliardi, Francisco-Fernando Granados, Jessica Hein, Talia Linz,  Manolo Lugo, Mani Mazinani, Julius Manapul, Faye Mullen, Salome Nikuradze,  Peter Osborne, Patricia Ritacca, Lisa Steele, Kim Tomczak
University of Toronto
40 Willcocks Street 
private space - public production.
Artists, curators, architects, theoreticians, teachers and students are invited to share a two floor appartment at Wilson Hall Residence for exactly 60 minutes from 6-7pm on 28th oct. Additionally to its charming 1970s interior design the flat will be equipped with 7 cameras and 7 TV sets.
24 hours later, on oct 29th, the public is invited to share the flat for exactly 60 minutes, witness the remains of what happened the day before, by watching TV.