Daniel Kötter

Shared Landscapes

site specific performance, 360° film

Begüm Erciyas / Daniel Kötter

contribution to

Shared landscapes

curated by Caroline Barneaud/Stefan Kaegi 

A journey of seven plays between fields and forests

With Chiara Bersani et Marco D’Agostin, El Conde de Torrefiel, Sofia Dias et Vítor Roriz, Begüm Erciyas et Daniel Kötter, Stefan Kaegi, Ari Benjamin Meyers, Émilie Rousset



What if the landscape became a theatre? What if art did not represent the environment, but instead allowed us to experience it collectively? What is at stake today in our relationship with “nature” and its representations, as the climate and our resources prompt a new awareness of our fragility and interdependence?